Well...I also decided I needed a page for my random musings about the simple things. Believe me, they are many.

May 17th, 2011:
Dreams. We've all got 'em. Whether they be idealistic or realistic, everyone has dreams and desires for the future. Maybe you want to be a singer or a missionary or an athlete or a politician, but whatever your personal dream, we all want to be something. Well I thought about my "dreams", and I know what my dream college would be, what my dream job would be, and what my dream life would look like. But when I got to asking myself what my heart really truly yearns for in the future, I could only think of one thing. My dream for the future is to be a mother. Yes, I know, there are steps I must take to get there, and I will be sure I take them in the correct order. But the simple joy of a child. I can't help but tear up when I see a mother smiling into the face of her giggling baby, and the joy that comes from the first time she hears him say her name. Such a simple joy, but if you talk to any mother she will tell you that she loves being a mother more then anything else. I even feel an overwhelming happiness when I'm with someone else's child, so I can't wait to experience that same feeling multiplied by a million when I have a baby of my own...but for now, I anxiously await the next step that God has in His master plan for my life :)