Monday, December 20, 2010

"It is Good."

On the plane ride over to Hawaii a few days ago, I was able to capture this picture during landing. It took my breath away to look out the window and see that mountain range unfolding in all its majesty from under the gossamer shroud of downy clouds which at one time hid it from my view.
As I gazed on this sight from my perch in the sky, words from an old, familiar song came to mind:

"How can I stand here with You and not be moved by You? Would You tell me, how could it be any better than this?" 

Often times we take in the beauty that surrounds us, but we forget how that beauty came to be. Was it by chance that this mountain began to loom up from beneath the clouds just as my flight passed over? If one were to answer yes, I'd refuse to believe it. The mountain did not simply resolve in itself to be shown at the time I was passing by. On its own, the mountain is nothing!
Why do humans universally marvel at beautiful things such as the regal colors of the sky reflected sumptuously off the clouds?
Why are we struck with such wonder at the variety of life in the Sea?
Why is the birth of a new life such a magnificent thing in our eyes?

I believe it is because although we may not always be aware of it, we have a natural tendency to love that which He loves. God looks on the colors of the sky, the life in sea, the coming of new life, and all the rest of His creation and calls all things Good.

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